Aoun Chat

At Aoun, we are always trying our best to listen to our customers feedback, in order to make the ordering process easier and more user friendly, and as close to real life as possible.

From the start, we have made it a top priority to for us to increase the transparency in the home maintenance industry, so we have introduced the bidding system into Aoun, where each user can check different price quotations provided by Aoun’s service providers, with the ability to check their profiles, in order to know more about them, their experience, their rating and reviews from other users. This way, Aoun users can hire the provider that is suitable to each job, without having second thoughts about the quality of the provider or the price he got for the job.

Now, we felt it was time to give our users even more flexibility and leverage while choosing the best provider for the job, and to ensure that the provider they hire is fully aware of the situation or problem they need to fix, we introduce: Aoun chat!

By using Aoun chat, you’ll be able to contact any provider you have received a price quotation from, and start a chat with them! You can ask them questions, ask for more details, attach pictures and share locations!

By using Aoun chat, you’ll be able to be in the know before you book your order, and help the providers understand your problem more openly and clearly, in order for you to make the best decision of hiring the best provider for each situation. This is how it works:

1- Choose the provider you want to contact

2- Start chat

3- Hire provider

Let us know what you think about this feature and how we can improve it for a better experience.

Aoun, always here to help