New Security Feature to Enhance Safety of Service Providers

Aoun is a mobile application that connects service providers in the maintenance field with household and business owners recently introduced a new security feature to enhance the safety and security of the 200+ technicians on the platform. The feature was introduced in response to feedback from female technicians who said that they often do not bid for jobs through the platform out of concern for their safety in unfamiliar areas.

“No one should be excluded from economic opportunity because they are worried about their safety,” said Sari Hweitat, CEO and Founder of Aoun. He noted that Aoun has a perfect safety record to date, but also acknowledged that on-the-job safety may be more of a concern for women. “This feature is designed to enhance the safety of all service providers, but especially for women on the Aoun platform. In doing so, we hope to create a fairer and more equal workplace for women, whose participation in the workforce is more vital than ever. We hope this feature will encourage women to feel more comfortable and at-ease competing for jobs on the app, and accessing household demand for their services. Aoun is constantly seeking new ways ideas to improve its services, and with direct communication with our providers, we are able to adjust as we go to make sure our provider app remains a useful and effective means for their integration in the job market and for a fairer and more equal workplace.”

Aoun’s Social Impact and Product Departments together researched practical and effective solutions to enhance on-the-job safety. The result is an in-app button that will 1) send the location and a link to Google Map to a friend, 2) contact the police or 3) contact Aoun team; all options are to warrant immediate action. On Wednesday, the feature was introduced during a meeting with women from several governorates at Aoun’s facilities in Amman.

Today, 95 women are registered as service providers on the Aoun platform.