Partnership with LG New Vision to train Youth in Electrical Fundamentals

In March 2019, 30 youth from Irbid governorate participated in a training under Aoun’s collaboration with LG, supported by MercyCorps, to qualify youth in Irbid and to link them to a large corporation that has operations across the country to increase their work opportunities.

The training had two components, theoretical and practical. During the 10 days, the participants learned foundational understanding of how electricity works in a household setting. It includes hands-on electrical skills improvement and is designed to train maintenance technicians with basic skills and other non-electrical participants working in relevant fields i.e. plumbing. Training participants are also immersed in practical, real world examples that illustrate how electricity is distributed and used in their facilities. Hands-on maintenance training involved the appliances of LG, where participants tested their basic skills under supervision of technicians for the following products: microwave ovens, smart TV screens, automatic washing machines, AC, to name a few.

Projects as such are crucial to Aoun’s business model, as it supports recruitment of a trained caliber of youth that were able to gain knowledge and basic skills in electrical fundamentals by a reputable corporation on an international level.